Acting Class Reviews & Ratings

Acting Class Reviews & Ratings

Nia Chiamas

Taking class with Brittani increased my self awareness through such specific feedback and has taught me more about the industry than any other class available to actors in Chicago. It really offers you the opportunity to level up as an actor. I feel so much more confident after taking this class!

Maya Jamner

I don’t have enough good things to say about this class. First of all, the group of students that Brittani assembled was fantastic. I have never felt more challenged or motivated in an acting class, just based on the skill and professionalism of the people around me. And because Brittani got to know all of us before the class started, she knew how to pick scenes for each and every one of us that both suited our skill sets and pushed us to our limits. Her ability to perfectly tailor every assignment to each student is something I have not encountered elsewhere. And because each person worked on different scenes in class, it was incredibly easy to stay engaged when I wasn’t the one in front of the camera. I came away from the class with a much better understanding of my unique type and skillset. I feel more present in my work and I have a much better idea of the casting process. This isn’t just a class on technique. It is an in-depth course on the industry. And the results have already paid off in my auditions. If you are looking to take your on-camera career to the next level, I highly recommend this class.

Marilyn Bass

I can not say enough good things about Accomplished On Camera! I have been taking classes around the Chicagoland area for years, and I can honestly say this class is like no other. Brittani is an amazing teacher, who creates a positive, safe and fun class environment, that pushes everyone in the class to deliver their best performances. Brittani has a background in casting, so a lot of the class is taught from that perspective, which proves to be incredibly insightful for working actors. If you want to elevate your acting skills I highly recommend taking class here!

Whitman Johnson

If you are an experienced actor looking for advanced training, this is the class for you. The training at Accomplished on Camera will push and challenge you, and will help you identify bad habits that you may have developed in front of the camera throughout your career.

Brittani Ward brings an experienced casting director's eye to her class, and offers advice from that perspective. Finally, the class is also peer-review driven. You will receive written critique each week from every other student in class. This is an excellent learning tool that many other classes in Chicago do not implement. Accomplished on Camera is a welcome addition to the on-camera acting schools in Chicago. Any actor looking to take their craft to the next level should seriously consider taking this class.

Alexa Maria Huerta

Accomplished On Camera is an amazing place to be for an actor. With an inclusive environment, a unique curriculum and an extremely passionate teacher, this is a class that will allow you to truly improve and grow. Each class is different from the last and I have learned so much every week! Brittani is so in tune with each of her student‘s needs for personal growth- it’s really awesome to see. I’d recommend this to any actor who wants to be challenged in an exciting, creative environment!

Rita Simon

Accomplished On Camera is the most exciting, challenging and fun experience I’ve had in years..... Brittani Ward is not only incredibly knowledgeable about this business, she has impeccable organizational skills and the most articulate feedback for the work the actors do.

You can tell she loves what she does by the way she works her tail off and is wonderfully approachable and giving with all she’s got with joy. Everyone in class was very talented and hardworking. This class is not just about doing good work on camera. The format of the class is completely different as it truly incorporates the entire casting process. No two classes are the same.

I couldn’t have wished for a better experience. I highly recommend checking out ‘Accomplished On Camera’ for a new and fresh take for on-camera classes ;)

Jimmy Caruso

If you are a serious actor looking to take your acting to the next level Accomplished on Camera with Brittani Ward is for you. The interaction. The class set up. The feed back. Everything about this class is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and contact Brittani now for an audition. You will thank yourself later.

Isabella Alonso

I was in the inaugural Advanced On Camera class. I cannot recommend it enough, and Brittani for that matter. It was so good and challenging, and Brittani poured her heart and soul into the curriculum. She's so invested in her students and their journeys. The class is completely unique - there's nothing like it here in Chicago. You sometimes hear about the "gap" between Chicago and LA actors, and this class will go a long way in closing that gap. The way I worked is forever changed. Thank you thank you Brittani. In conclusion: Guys TAKE THIS CLASS!!

Steve Silver

Brittani is an excellent instructor and a wonderful human being. She is very creative in her approach, and is one of the hardest working acting teachers I've had. I learned a great deal from the class. She is a joy to work with, and I look forward to taking her class again!

Brian Salazar

Brittani's commitment to each individual student throughout the six weeks was incredible. She works her a** off to personally see you grow and I definitely felt like I took another leap by the end of her class. Her wealth of experience and knowledge casting TV/Film is honestly unparalleled in Chicago. She is generous in sharing all that and always open to give advice if needed. On the real though, Brittani is just friggin cool person. Take her class!

Allen Vaysberg

I had the pleasure of taking the Advanced on Camera class with Brittani. The class is likely the most unique on camera experience I have had in Chicago and it benefited me greatly! I have also relied upon Brittani for audition taping/coaching and cannot thank her enough. She is truly excellent in the room and got me to have my best performances that led me to opportunities I have not had experienced prior. Brittani is a talented teacher, a very experienced casting director and an even better human being. I offer my highest recommendations for AOC to anyone seeking to grow.

Francisco Lopez

Highly Recommended!

My favorite thing about this class is Brittani's investment in each student. From the consultation, I immediately knew that Brittani was truly interested in my goals and what I needed from the class. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of script analysis, actor needs, best practices and of the various professional relationships in the field. This not only made it a great training experience, but also an insightful experience. She's also a great champion for diversity and inclusion which was really appreciated when it came to scene selection and consideration.

I also loved that the class was challenging ... like kinda hard sometimes lol. It really got my acting chops up and running, stretching me to reach my best potential. The amount of material is just right, the way critiques are structured is super helpful and insightful and Brittani has a really great overall plan for each class. It never felt rote or wasteful.



Easily one of the best acting classes I've taken in Chicago. Brittani is a fantastic instructor and her feedback is comprehensive and constructive. The growth I saw in myself as an actor, as well as my fellow classmates, was really incredible to see over 6 weeks. The class dynamic that Brittani builds is also outstanding, you'll get useful feedback from a room full of incredibly talented people. Brittani also has a wealth of knowledge of the inner most workings of the business, I learned so much about the business of what it takes to actually book a series regular role.

I cannot recommend this class enough! It was worth every penny. Bonus for drivers there's tons of free street parking on Belmont right by the class!