Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I request an audition even if I am undecided on taking classes?

YES. Absolutely. In fact, this is encouraged. Audition because you may want the flexibility to sign up for a group class at any time during the year. Audition because you will be getting in front of Brittani and you will receive personalized feedback when you are notified as to whether you qualified to sign-up for the master classes. Audition because it’s good practice, you’re available, and you have nothing to lose!

Does Accomplished on Camera represent actors, and/or can they submit me to casting for various projects?

NO. Accomplished on Camera is not a management or casting company. It is a training center where actors of all levels can hone their skills, and where Chicago’s strongest actors can push each other to do their best work.

Will Accomplished on Camera recommend me to agents or managers for representation?

NO. While Brittani Ward does have many connections to agents and managers in most cities (and some of those will be invited to speak at special events in the future), this is not an expectation that students should bring to class. Actors taking classes should recognize that they are there to improve as actors, so that when an opportunity for representation presents itself to them, they are ready to make the most of it.

What criteria must I meet in order to be accepted into the ‘Advanced Acting for the Camera’ class?

In short, you must be an actor who Brittani Ward would be willing to consider (hypothetically) for a series regular role or a lead role in a feature. If you are not accepted, it does not mean that you could never book a significant role, or even that you couldn’t book one right now. Brittani has worked for some of the best casting directors in the world, so she will be holding all auditioning actors to a higher standard than many CDs and coaches have as a reference point.

What does Brittani look for in skilled actors?

Preparedness. Making fresh and interesting choices. Believability as a character. Listening and reacting naturally under the circumstances of a scene. Knowing how you’re trying to make the other character feel in a given scene, and checking in to see if it’s working.

What qualifies Brittani Ward to coach actors of all levels?

Brittani has auditioned thousands of actors in her 10-year casting career. She has worked on projects of every size, from her associate work on billion-dollar studio franchise 50 Shades of Grey (Darker & Freed) to a short film that won a student Academy Award (It’s Just a Gun), from the series that marked Sean Penn’s first time on television, to pilots that were not picked up or had their orders dropped mid-prep, and everything in between. She has auditioned and/or coached self-tapes for some of the most famous actors in the industry today. Actors consistently praise her ability to bring out their best in the room under the high-stakes of an audition setting, or her ability to give them expanded direction in a workshop environment.